the source

GRSW is pure, natural spring water from the mountains of northern Georgia.  The water is sourced specifically from a deep spring within the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is located on four-hundred acres of private land, protected from industry and agricultural pollutants by the surrounding national wilderness.  The water begins as rainfall within the mountains where it seeps through porous rock, which acts as a natural filter.  The crystal clear, 55-degree water resurfaces at the deep rock spring near Blue Springs, GA where it is collected.  The taste and purity are optimized with filtration and ozonation processes prior to bottling, as well as tested once per hour for quality.  The final product is the purest, natural, highest-quality mountain spring water available with one of the lowest total dissolved solids (TDS) measures in the industry.  

 our mission

- Treat the customer the way we would want to be treated.

- Deliver a great spring water product. 

- Specialize in high quality, on-time service.

- Meet customers' special needs as they arise.

- Be a contributor in the neighborhoods we serve.

We would love to be your locally-owned source of natural Georgia spring water.

Proprietors Tim and Susan McGuire recognize it is a privilege to serve and meet your spring water needs.  We are happy to take your call for questions or comments.  404-444-6292

​ Golden Rule Spring water 

Golden Rule Spring Water was founded in 2014 to provide Woodstock and surrounding area homes and businesses the highest quality Georgia Mountain Spring water.  Delivered to your door on schedule, or as desired.